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Harding my number but not when I first start visible

I would like to try visible and have them assign me a phone number but then if I like it I would like to port my other phone number to visible but not when I first get the card. Can this be done. I will use the visible card in another phone and still...

Swapping phones with esim

I currently have a Pixel 4 and an iPhone 13 mini, both using a physical sim card. I can switch back and forth easily but just swapping the sim card. Both phones are dual sim and are capable of using esim. If I transfer over to an esim, will I still b...

Craig by Novice
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New plans

So I'm not sure what's happening with your party but what happens next were locked in for the price correct but we have to make a decision to what plan to pick so what will that be I'm so confused lol

Apple iPhone upgrade program

I’m currently part of the iPhone upgrade program through apple but now that I have switched out of Verizon into Visible I will not be able to be part of that program. I figured I would mention that here just in case anyone had questions or needed to ...

When is a payment actually considered late?

Hello. First time poster here. I’m trying to find out from anyone when a payment is considered late. If there’s a due date of a specific date (of course, it’s always a specific date), but when is it that a payment to an account be considered late and...

Nanway by Novice II
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Android watches

Will Android users ever get an answer on when we can use our watches? Some people don't like apple devices and not fair to us Android people that visible seems to favor Apple over us. Think they been supporting apple watches for 1 year or more now......

SJS0421 by Novice II
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