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Settings for Phone missing on iPhones

I have 3 iPhone 13s. Created 3 new Visible accounts All 3 phones using E sims.If I go to Settings... Phone..., the following 3 options do not work.They just have a never ending spinning circleShow My Caller IDCall WaitingCall ForwardingThese all work...

herbb623 by Novice II
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Resolved! Party

Can anyone change the name of a party or prevent others from joining?

Resolved! Sims card

Can a Visible sims card be used in a LTE enabled tablet?

Visible Party Pay - Why is this strategy

This is an open ended question: Why does Visible promote party pay with $25/month and $40/month (without party pay)?What is the motivation behind it? Why this duality of plans? Instead why can't they scrap the $40/month plan and have only the party p...

upstate-SC by Intermediate III
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