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787 Area Code

We have 787 (Puerto Rico) area code. Is it possible to transfer to Visible?

Visible cannot solve port in problem

Like many others, I also had a terrible experience with Visible. For 14 days, they struggled to port in my previous number, and no one seems to know what's going on, very unprofessional. It didn't get resolved (see below) and I just switched to US mo...

Payoff of Existing Device Transfer

When I ported my number over from Verizon Wireless, I brought my own phone, and there was a balance owed that now appears to be due in full. So, I brought my own phone to the party but apparently that didn't include the balance owed ... is this corre...

Porting wireless number from Verizon.

Just finished porting my wireless number from Verizon and received email from Visible stating process was successful, that was this morning and 8 hours later still unable to make or receive calls. Not a good start Visible!!! Anyone have any ideas! Go...

Porting nightmare

I can not seem to get visible to port my number. It’s been 5 days of excuses and broken promises. Even with a supervisor. The original company keeps stating they are not recieving any port out requests from visible. And visible keeps saying they are ...

My apologies

Well, my first 36 hours with Visible were hellish to say the least. My phone was always in SOS Only mode. Since I could not get a resolution I decided I would go to a Verizon store and port my number back to them because I had lost a day’s worth of b...

Henry by Novice
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Omg , after weeks of not getting ported in , and over 50 hours of chat, I asked how case was coming , tech has been working on my problem, and the tech said it was former carriers fault they wouldn’t release and they were waiting for permission. My o...