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New Subscribers Beware

Future Subscribers BewareIn short, I've been a Visible subscriber for years, but if you need customer service just good luck with that. I got a new iPhone 14 Max Pro and need an eSIM to activate it. I tried going through the process myself, but my ph...

Why give a new number when I wanna port in? Confusing!

Why do you require your customer to select a new number even though they need to port in their number? The business logic is just confusing. There should be two check-out options to separate different users, one for the new numbers, one for the porti...

problem transferring phone nr from Tmobile to Visible

When I tried to transfer my phone # to Visible could only select "Consumer Cellular" as my carrier.My carrier is T-Mobile; not Consumer cellular.But the app did not allow me to enter T-mobile. It insisted on Consumer Cellular.I went along with that s...

Heiner by Novice
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Visible to Verizon - A Nightmare

I am seven days into the "migration" and it's still going, and still a nightmare. I'm here to tell you to try and get all of the information you need before making this switch. Even then, I'm not convinced this is going to be possible for me. Moving ...

akw by Novice II
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Resolved! Moving from Visible back to Verizon (port out not needed)

Just wanted to share for anyone else in this situation.Visible was not working well for my wife after moving from Verizon. Dropped calls with Visible’s old system, then no data after moving to Visible+The Visible support rep was GREAT, it was just ge...

GreenSub by Superuser
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Resolved! Port In from Verizon went great, even with an issue

Just wanted to thank the Visible team. My wife moved from Verizon to Visible today. The port in of her number went great, not so with her voice mail.Her PIN would not work nor did her messages and greeting migrate over. Well a quick chat session went...

GreenSub by Superuser
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