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So newbie here, I have few questions.

So far I am enjoying Visible and I would like to get the greater savings that are provided.I started a Party Pay group, yet when I post in the Let's Chat or Saving area my post does not show up like other novice posters or intermediate status posters...

clate by Novice II
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Suggestion for Visible improvement

Customer service. Provide some. The veneer provided by 24/7 chat agents is not enough. Many of these folks are pleasant enough and appear competent and willing to help. But, once they run through their scripted checklists that's all. They have no too...

viznoob by Novice III
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any chances for Moto G7 Play to get on the supported list?

The spouse loves her Moto G7 Play (mainly due to the smaller form factor) and is not willing to switch to a new and bigger phone in order to get on Visible. Seems the Moto G7 Play meets the basic specs. What are the chances that it might get supporte...

Resolved! International Calls

When can we expect more countries being added to free international call list?

partypay by Intermediate
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Resolved! Latency Reduction

Hey... I was wondering if there's any plans at visible to improve the latency on the network. I personally think 160 - 220ms is very high for a ping in the United States and it should be 80ms max. This is something that I'm very concerned about becau...

Suggestion: Auto-remove old Party Pay threads

I imagine the Party Pay section would get filled with very populated parties very quickly, which would give people less opportunity to start new ones. I suggest adding an expiration date to Party Pay posts which would help solve this problem.