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Launching Today: Annual Plan

Hey Visible community! We want to continue to give our members more options to pay for their service how they’d like, which is why we are launching our new Annual Plan option. To learn more about our new Annual Plan, keep reading! Plan Prices & Detai...

Phobe number Transferring stuck?

So I switch to invisible on October of 2023 and I tried to do esim but it said my phone number was still transferring but I had gotten an Psim and my line everything work except esim which I wanted to try so I didn't worried about and a few months la...

Issues porting old number

I am having the worst time porting my old number to this visible service. It continues to give me the error that the zip code does not match. I have tried the billing zip code, my old zip code, and the zip code that my phone number is associated to. ...

cnovak by Novice
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Cannot receive incoming calls

Ported my Verizon A71, 5G to Visible about two weeks ago. Apparently I have not been able to receive incoming calls this whole time, but just realized it today. Incoming calls go straight to VM, and I have no notification of any VMs. I have been thro...

Changing phones in brand new Visible account

Just set up Visible as my carrier two days ago. Will be coming from Cricket. Now I discovered I can't activate the S23 I bought on-line (Ebay) because it is locked to Verizon. I will be returning it for another fully unlocked S23. What do I do with t...

Redc by Novice
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