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Visible eSIM App Update

Our Visible app has been updated for iOS and Android with new and improved eSIM functionality to make the eSIM to eSIM all self serviceable. Make sure you are up to date on the latest version. For a step by step on how to complete the process see our...

app update 1_1 Community Banner.jpg

Problem downloading esim

I signed up for a trial plan, just to see what kind of signal I can get from my house. But the app is stuck on downloading esim profile on my iphone 14 pro. I cannot activate my trial plan. Really gives me no confidence to switch to Visible for my wi...

Unreliable cell service in Seattle.

For last month or so, my formerly reliable Visible cell service is spotty or nonexistent in places that used to be fine in NE Seattle area. I have an Apple XS which does not have 5G, only 4G. It is now rare to get above LTE service. I went to Visible...

Mtucker by Novice
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Can't log in to activate

I have set up two phones, two accounts, two different email addresses. The first one received a new phone number, the second ported from another carrier. The first worked beautifully, no problems. The second one, however = nightmare. First of all, I ...

t_vis by Novice II
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Stranded without service

I have tried everything up under the sun to restore my service. I purchased a pixel 6a through visible's app marketplace & switched my sim into the phone. Immediately, my entire account was bricked & told me to contact the help team - if you can call...

Visible website and app are down

I cannot get into the website or app. iOS or windows platform. I get a 502 server error. I am on Verizon fios at home and I can go on any other website without issue. Has anyone else had this issue? The only way I can get on o...

Mpdcnva by Novice III
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