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international roaming/whatsapp

Traveling to Europe next month. I understand that Visible will not work while I'm there. I know I can get an International SIM card, but if I have Whatsapp on my phone, will I be able to call, text, etc?

Physical SIM to eSIM for existing customers

I have some good news to share with you guys who want to transfer their physical sim over eSIM. I have successfully transferred my physical sim to eSIM from the app itself. On the phone app there is this transfer feature under YOUR DEVICE. After that...

bpositive by Intermediate III
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Deprioritized ALL DAY .. EVERY DAY

From 8AM to 12AM (16 hours a day) like clockwork. Download speeds do not exceed 150K a second. Wild latency spikes and fluctuations plague me. All Day.. Every Day.. on Schedule. I live in a remote area. Only one cell tower is visible to me. That towe...

DouglasB by Novice II
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Have had this service for almost 2 years now, I live in the same house and now my phone suddenly is dropping the service every 5 minutes. No call no text and no hotspot no service at all. Why is this my bill is paid And 9 out of ten times I have an e...

Resolved! Unable to text one person (Android/Google Messages)

Hello, I am a pretty new Visible customer, and in my house, we have three people with Visible accounts now. I am having issues texting one who hasn't activated his service yet, but I am wondering since he is in transition from Mint to Visible if ther...