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Don't buy a phone from @Visible! This is going to be a long post so bear with me.


It all started May 8th when my husband needed a new phone because his old one gave him the black screen of death. We decided to purchase a phone from Visible using Affirm. The new phone was set to be delivered in 2 days (May 10th).


Mistake #1: they used UPS. Because of this, somehow the phone was sent to a location 8 hours away from us when it was in our city to begin with. Ok no problem. I'm a patient person so no worries. It's past its delivery date. Fast forward to almost a week from the purchase date. We go to the local UPS, and they don't have it. Ok. Now we have to file a claim. UPS is doing all they can to get it together. Visible on the other hand, not so much. It's pretty much a tennis match with UPS vs. Visible with me as the tennis ball. I'm being told call UPS then being told call Visible. It's almost 2 weeks of this. And then with Visible they're saying "says here your package is in your city waiting to be delivered". THAT'S FALSE because UPS already told me they can't find it.


So...yeah. Anyway, the last straw was when UPS acknowledged their mess up and made a claim to Visible that they are indeed responsible for losing the package therefore they will pay to replace. One rep from Visible told me that the claim is in review to be approved for a replacement phone. The next rep told me I'm not getting a replacement and that there was never going to be a replacement (Gaslighting?). At this point, I demanded a refund. I was supposed to get the refund on 5/29. No refund. It was allegedly processed on 5/20 and this would take an additional 10 "business days". Ok so I wait. And wait. And wait. Visible's advocacy team contacts me on 06/04 asking if I received my refund. Ladies and gentlemen if you guessed the answer is no, then you're absolutely correct! They tell me that it's only Day 7, and by Friday if I still haven't received my refund, then to set up a callback time with them. Friday comes and goes. No refund. So I scheduled the callback not realizing they won't call me until 1 to 2 days later. Ok.


So at this point I've probably already talked to up to 30 customer reps and at least 10 supervisors in the past month and have been through 4 investigations (the 4th is currently happening via Affirm). They are now saying they gave me my refund and that I need to call my bank to verify there isn't a hold or something. I do in fact call them, and you know what they said? There isn't. Visible is good phone company, but when it comes to troubleshooting ANY kind of problem, they are the worst. They have screwed me 6 ways to Sunday. It's unbelievable. And remember when I said earlier that I used Affirm to get the phone? Yeah I'm responsible for the loan on a product I never got. Visible is taking their sweet time giving me my money back as well as cancelling this loan (fingers crossed that Affirm will take care of it due to said investigation).


So...please use Amazon/EBAY to get a phone. Or walk into a phone store. Because this could happen to you. They say they'll call you and they say they'll resolve the issue, but they haven't. It's been a little over a month since I purchased said phone. Never again I tell you. It's not worth the headache or the mental abuse they inflict on you via gaslighting. Visible brings out the worst in you. I have never had these kinds of issues with ANY other service provider. Only this one. It's sad, and they need to do better.


If you've reached the end of this post, you are definitely a champion. I hope this post helps. Stay awesome. 


Update: I had to jump through hoops! Because I opened a dispute with Affirm, Visible wouldn't cancel the loan nor refund the money. So in order for them to do so, I had to drop my dispute with Affirm. After thinking it over, I decided to give them one last chance (which they didn't deserve). After a couple more days (which included me being blamed for opening a dispute), my loan is now officially cancelled. After, almost a month of talking to 20 supervisors and 50 customer service representatives, I can say that it's finally over. It has been a serious nightmare. Moral of the story: DON'T BUY A PHONE FROM VISIBLE! 




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i am having the same problem. I purchased a new iphone om may 10,2024 from visible and they sent me a pre owned phone, when i brought this to their attention, they would not let me return the phone  or send me what i paid for and keep giving me the run around. this is not fair to the public consumers .  this company needs a class action law suit on their business practices, this is total unethical

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Firstly, what a great writer you are! Secondly, I didn’t even need to read your review in entirety before becoming strongly compelled to echo your frustration with Visible’s so called customer “support.” I have been through countless nonsensical hoops and loops and with little payback if any at all. Not for the same issue, but nonetheless, I concur wholeheartedly that they fail miserably when it comes to trouble shooting. The inconsistency between what one rep to the next says! Agh, don’t get me started. Anyway, thank you for so explicitly defining an experience that, I am guessing, validates many others.’


My phone can't get delivered because their system failed to put an apartment number on the address even though it appears in my profile.  This is a systemic with Verizon as a whole.  A couple years ago I was using Verizon and needed a new SIM card and it took about 2-3 weeks longer to get because the system didn't include my apartment number.  Fortunately, you can call and talk to someone at Verizon.  The other problem is that they put restrictions on the delivery so you can't have it sent to a UPS Access Point or make changes to the delivery address.  So, you're pretty much screwed if you live in an apartment - there's no way to get your phone or a SIM because their system is flawed and it won't put your apartment number on it.  It will get held up in UPS because the address is missing the apartment.  Of course, there's no way to actually call the local UPS distribution facility to clear things up either.  They don't have a direct number.  I sure miss the old days without all the outsourcing to overseas call centers and online chat-only customer service systems.  When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, this sort of thing could easily be fixed with a couple of phone calls.  But not these days.