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9 days - Port In request still not working, and now past the 14 day return window


Hi all,


Hoping to get some help. I purchased an iphone 13 pro max through visible on 10/13. It didn't ship to me until 10/22. I tried activating it by porting from another carrier on 10/23. To be fair, I gave the wrong pin, and didn't realize until 10/24. I gave customer service chat the correct pin on 10/24, and the representative said it should be no problem after that.


On 10/25, I received an email that my port in was cancelled, and to re-order the SIM. After multiple attempts to activate via eSIM (which Visible website advertises), I was told that iphone13 models are not compatible with eSIM activation. So I ended up ordering a new SIM on 10/26, received it 10/28. Tried activating it on 10/28, with no success. Followed up multiple times since then, and it was escalated to an engineering team on Saturday, and was told I will get an email update within 48 hours. It's now 48 hours, no email. As now I've been getting frustrated, I asked if I can just cancel the port request and return the phone. I was told that there was no way I can cancel the port request because it's now been escalated, and it's past 14 days since I've ordered the phone so it's possible I can't get a refund even if I return the phone. Furthermore, because the first port was cancelled, the first order with my Visible phone doesn't even show up on my account, so I can't even generate a receipt from it, which is required for a return to Visible.


This has been an absolute nightmare of a situation. I'm now: 9 days without service, with a 1000+ dollar phone that I maybe can or can't return, and a port request that may or may not work. I'm hoping that someone can help me either a) get my port request to go through or b) help me definitively cancel my port request and get a refund on my purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

You should reach out to support via chat or social media to resolve this. Good luck.

I actually have been chatting with a rep pretty much every other day. I finally had the issue escalated and got a phone call on Tuesday, where he informed me that no such engineering request ever happened. He put in a new request and said I should have service by Wednesday at 630pm, which did not happen.

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

Do you have an update?