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Poor reception inside house


I only get 1 or 2 bars on my IPhone 12 inside my house.


Is it possible to get a cell phone booster?


Novice II

Hey there! Thanks for raising this concern. 


At this time, cell signal boosters/network extenders/etc. are not compatible with Visible. However, we're always looking for ways to bring you the best services and the most features possible, so stay tuned for further updates. -GL

I have the same problem, only two bars inside house on iphone SE, so laptop connected to hotspot is very slow, when working at all. I've had to chat with someone every day to get them to somehow make it work "on their end" ...  I was hoping a booster of some sort would help. Does Visible have any suggestions? Or should I return the new very expensive iphone I just bought from Visible, before the 15 days runs out? New customer