Port in issue - 6 days and waiting!


I ported in my main number on Aug 29th and still don't have service activated on my number! 

I have been in constant contact with the chat team and for the last 4 days I am being told that it will be resolved soon. I am given the 24 hr to 48 hr time line and nothing happens. 


I have confirmed with the old carrier that the number was successfully released on Aug29th and also checked on vrz port status to verify that the number was ported in to Verizon/visible! 


Why is it taking so long to get the service activated? This has been a absolute horrible experience without any proactive notification from Visible! And absolutely unacceptable. 


I have asked and have been told that it is not due to the physical SIM to eSIM port. But if this turns out to be a eSIM issue, Visible needs to improve their process and notify customers. I hope this gets resolved soon!



Joe, this company cannot port in eSIMs. I had the same problem: Visible could not configure the eSIM with my ported number, asked for a SIM card, it arrived, worked for 4 hours and they they screw my phone number up, with another number. This is SO FRUSTRATING!!!!