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Cannot make or receive calls?WI-FI calling wont connect

Had my new visible phone with my old number for about 4 days now. I cannot make or receive calls but can text. Also when I try to set up wi-fi calling,it says this may take a moment,then after 2 min,it comes back and says,Something went wrong,try aga...

Does Visible support ASHA

I would like to connect my hearing aids to my cell phone. I have a Samsung S21 so I just need a carrier that supports ASHA.

Resolved! 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz for Mobile Hotspot

I was wondering which band would be better for the mobile hotspot considering we only get 5 Mbps speeds. I understand 5G is faster but has less signal range, while 2G is slower and has a wider signal range. I was curious if using 5G would be counteri...