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Are you having an issue related to your Visible wireless account? You can ask it here. Remember to mark a response as a solution when it solves your problem. You can also search for posts where other members have had their issues resolved and give a ...

Missing OCN number error

Is anyone else getting a random error “missing OCN NUMBER” when friends or family try to call you?I have iPhone 12Pro Max. Unsure if it’s my phone (Apple) or visible’s network connection to Verizon

visible is a SCAM

I purchased iphone13 from visible for their $200 gift card promotion last month and till today they still cannot port in my number and they keep telling me "port could not be completed because your old service provider has indicated that this number ...

hotspot connection

The hotspot function on my new Blade 11 (ZTE) does not work. I keep getting a message that I need to call Verizon. Can someone help?

SIM card order stuck in Processing...

Hi, I'd really like to switch to the Visible network and services, but I can't get them to send my SIM Card out.I've been on chat support about 6 or 7 times, each time they escalate the order and it never gets sent to me. This last time, we tried com...