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Are you having an issue related to your Visible wireless account? You can ask it here. Remember to mark a response as a solution when it solves your problem. You can also search for posts where other members have had their issues resolved and give a ...

Does Visible Wireless Collect or Sell Location Data?

Does Visible Wireless collect or sell location data? And if so, who do they sell it to? Please don't hide behind words like "service partners". I'm curious if Visible makes a profit from selling data? Unfortunately I'm not a California resident so I ...

ddegner by Novice
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2 chats, 2+ hours, website still won't take my $$

"Oops! Please check the credit card information or provide an alternate payment method." I received this message 10+ times while trying to purchase a phone on this website. -I called my bank to ensure they weren't blocking the payment. Chase said the...

hlm by Novice
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Resolved! Multiple lines on one account?

I just switched one line to Visible to try it out, but I manage all the lines for our family (4 lines total). How do I move multiple lines to visible under one account?

iPhone sim in new Android?

I currently have an Iphone 12 mini on the Visible service. I'm wanting to sell this phone and will purchase a Motorola One 5G Ace. Can I simply take the SIM out of the Iphone and install it into the Motorola One 5G Ace? Or is something else required?

Motorola One 5G Ace NOT UW??

Is the Motorola One 5G Ace an approved phone? (not talking about the Motorola One 5G UW Ace) This is the phone I want to use, is it approved?