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No referral/friend codes do not work

I am trying to activate new service using the Visible app on my Samgung phone (eSim) activation. Every time I try and apply a Promo/Friend code I get the error "Code XXXXXXX is not valid or has expired". This occurs for EVERY code (I've tried over 25...

Email Change

I do not understand why Visible would allow you to change your email address. But the email change does not go into effect for 30 days. I recently changed the email address on the account but had killed the old email account with the provider before ...

suds by Novice II
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Resolved! Issue with redownloading esim

Update: Visible finally managed to fix my issue, after 36 hours. I guess it’s not bad compared to the others who waited longer. I do have a feeling that they took awhile to do mine, and it was probably just a long queue. Because quite honestly, it wo...

Mvdisgn by Novice II
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! Phone number not ported

I invited my mother, sister, and step-father to my Party Pay. They were transferring from Verizon and started on Thursday. First my mother, who was the primary on the Verizon account, then my sister and step-father. By Friday my sister and step-fathe...

dwk by Novice II
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Resolved! Voice mail on Android

Just switched over from Verizon to Visable. Voicemail is no longer working on my Android phone. Any clue how to fix this?

DDG by Novice II
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