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Are you having an issue related to your Visible wireless account? You can ask it here. Remember to mark a response as a solution when it solves your problem. You can also search for posts where other members have had their issues resolved and give a ...


Have had this service for almost 2 years now, I live in the same house and now my phone suddenly is dropping the service every 5 minutes. No call no text and no hotspot no service at all. Why is this my bill is paid And 9 out of ten times I have an e...

Can't use mobile data for system update

Android 11 is requiring me to connect to WiFi to do a system update, and I have found no way to use mobile data to do that. The problem is, what if I do not have access to WiFi data? In the past, my smartphone stopped connecting to the Visible networ...

upgrading Phone

I have a visible account and My One Plus 8 2015 phone has a dead am changing to a new MotoPower G. Is it only a matter of swapping the sim card?

commet by Novice
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No more Kudos?

For the last 2 days, I haven't been able to give Kudos to anyone. Any idea what is going on? Thanks.

Mystery disk

Hello, just get my package with the phone, charger, no sim but a 3" ish plastic disk that doesn't have buttons but plugs into the wall. What is it?

Elle by Novice
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3 weeks and still haven't had full service

It's been 3 weeks since I signed up and I've only had a few days of partial service. I signed up on 2/25 for the plan bringing my unlocked iPhone XS Max and they stated it would take 24 - 48 hours for the number to port over from the previous carrier...