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new phone Visible ZTE Blade A3 Prime n i cant send pic to my yahoo email address


 I am new to visible, n just got a new phone Visible ZTE Blade A3 Prime for swapping phone.   i cant send pic to my yahoo email address but. i can send text to my yahoo email address. with other phone or with other carrier i am able to send pic to my yahoo email through text function.

i enter email address n i attach the pic, n i never receive it.

i also ask my friend to send me text with picture to my yahoo email, i do receive the pic


can anyone help. i have this phone for 7 days n i can only return for refund within 14 days.

please help.



Novice II

I have same phone and service, but not a genius and without this problem. Could it be the apps?  play app icon for approved apps and do updates. Maybe other text message app or other yahoo phone app is the solution?  (I do not use the text app that runs all those commercials for video calls.) Ask other people with android phones. Also, you can load an extra sd card if you are using up memory with photos. Does it have to do with size of memory ? Load as different file types? The back up of cloud and or dropbox?


I once had problem of file share size when I bought music and it was more a dropbox file size type problem.