Constantly changing IP, how do I keep the same IP during a session

Hi I'm new to Visible, so as a test, I moved my girlfriends phone number over first to see what kinds of issues I might have being I'm far more dependent on my data than she is.

First amazement was the "Device Limit", I guess it's suppose to be in the T&C but should have been on the front page where they warn you only have 5M bandwidth.  5M seriously?  We can watch a whole youtube movie without caching but my girlfriend likes to have Shul on her tablet while we watch on the big screen so she can start and stop and take notes.  So one device was a shock to her but we can live with it.


MY POST QUESTION: So I own Hosting Master Internet one of the many hundreds of hosting companies out there (I just provide better, more personal service :). The issue I have is, when connected to the visible hotspot, I continuesly, about every 5 minutes, get logged out of my servers.  The reason for this is, Visible, unlike Verizon directly, pushes IP changes about every 5 minutes.  The number is changing between 3 numbers and just rotates during my session.  After disconnecting and coming back, same thing just different set of 3 numbers.  This change of IP makes the service unusable for my needs, and funny part is, I use way less data than my girlfriend does.  I have 15G a month hotspot, and I still have 55% halfway through the month (heavy month!).  We switched to Visible because after 5 days, she ran out.


PROOF: This is one of my sites, it's strictly for checking world IP of a user, and it does not do anything but show IP, does not (currently) store connections (that may be added later because I'd like to see how often that gets used and from what countries me thinks.


So my question is two fold: I've not seen anyone on the forum complain or mention the IP change, isn't anyone else having issue with this pushed IP change?  More importantly, how can I stop it during a session so I don't get logged off my server? 


Before answering, please note, I am a web host, I will understand the technical terms so feel free to use them.  Example, Visible chat says they do not offer a Static IP, only Dynamic IPs.  And I explained to the supposedly Cisco trained monkey, I'm not expecting a static IP, I'm just expecting the IP not to change during a session, especially being pushed!  ...  For the Novice, if reading, Dynamic, or changing IPs, happen every time you connect to the web for reason that IPs (especially IP4) are in limited supply, so if you aren't using it, it needs to be available for the next chap so he may.  There is a need for Static IPs (IPs that are ALWAYS the same number) such as on my web servers.  If those numbers changed, then people looking for a website would never connect to the website as it wouldn't be where the domain name says it is.  And reason for my issue, web servers are much higher security than viewing videos on youtube.  If my session IP changes, my server sees it as an attack and logs me off (or any user of my service whose IP suddenly changes).  This also makes it hard to "recommend or refer clients" to Visible so I have to find a fix!


To any answers given, I'm going to be appreciative (you may easily mention something I've over looked).


Hosting Master Internet



It's been over 30 days, does anyone have any ideas please?

Novice II

Try using Wireguard VPN. Should be fine then. More secure overall when connecting to servers, anyway.


Thank you for your idea however VPN requires static IP and a pushed IP is my problem, so that can not fix my problem.  But wow, thank you, you took the time to answer and no one else has until now so I appreciate it, again thank you sir!



I came across this post because I just got visible service on my new iPhone 13 mini yay anyway….. I try to log into Google and Google says to verify on my other device.  Google makes me do this twice and in between puts up in all red lettering (and I never seen this one before) something like ….we have noticed something unusual about your request so just making sure…. This is you right? Do the verification again.   I change devices like I change clothes. So I googled visible mobile up address red flags…..  it didn’t take me 5 minutes to confirm on my other device but it said I was in denver….. I checked my ip… yep denver.   I’m in dallas….  Weird right.  Changing IP address is great usually I gotta spoof my Mac, but every 5 minutes.  Sheesh yeah that’s going to be a huge problem.  And after this post I’m worried about bandwidth and data.   What say you visible….  Any reply to this super short ip lease ??