I am having trouble transferring my visible service to my new phone (iPhone 13 Pro). I am currently using my iPhone XR and using an eSIM. I logged into my account on my IPhone XR but it brought me to my profile page with no option to transfer to my new iPhone. I checked everywhere on the app….The Home Screen only shows my phone number and that i have auto pay, then there is the store, then it’s my profile. Please help!


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Have you done a chat with a Visible rep?  That's probably a good first step.



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Additional information needed?

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On my app, if I go to account, scroll to almost the bottom, there is a "Your Devices" section, when I select that, it goes to a scree that shows my phone, then there is a "transfer your sim" menu.  I am on a physical SIM so it gives me a your device is not compatible with e-sim.   Try doing this on your iphone XR and not your new phone first.

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I just moved from an iPhone 11 to iPhone SE Friday. Both are using eSIM.

Had to chat with Visible support. They needed the IMEI2 number off of the new iPhone SE.

All went very smooth