Multiple hotspot connections.

  • Does the 'Visible Midnight' allow multiple hotspot connections simultaneously? If you're device is able to allow multiple connections simultaneously please state what device you use. Whether it be a phone or stand alone hotspot. Thanks.

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

Your question makes me think of another community member who has  an issue with a permanent hold.... Maybe it is related as Visible's policy of  1 connected device on hotspot.   i.e. I would be careful on connecting multiple devices....many reasons the service is only $25 per month. Make sense?



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Additional information needed?

"One connected device"? Really? It's already limited speed at 5MB. Why would it matter how many devices. Weird. My Note 8 allows 10 FWIW. Thanks for the reply.

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Superuser Founder

My opinion is that Visible did not intend for their service to be a hotspot service for multiple devices or home internet sharing.  I think the hotspot feature is good for people that want to connect a tablet to their account. 


With the pricing structure of Visible that is one of the 'tradeoffs'.

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