Phone Restocking (availability)


I'm considering switching to Visibile and the phone I want is not available (iPhone 13 mini 256 GB).   Any idea how often they restock?  If it is infrequent I can consider a different phone option.


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Good question; unfortunately I don't have a good answer for you.  Seems like a lot of supply chain issues across all industries right now. Maybe someone else in the community can get help..



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Additional information needed?

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The price that Visible offers for the Iphone 13 mini is comfortable to what is offered either at apple or bestbuy. 
I would just open a line with Affirm and just pick it up or buy it from there. Just ensure that you pickup an Iphone 13 mini that is unlocked. 

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Stock availability is internal to Visible team, so we cannot answer.

However i do suggest to try changing colors of the device if you are not peculiar about the color.

This is an anecdotal evidence, i changed colors and my transaction went through. As I wasn't peculiar about the color.


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