Turn OFF call waiting


I am trying to turn OFF call waiting.  

it is NOT an option on my phone.  

I am told that it is a carrier-side option.  

I am hard if hearing and the beeping causes me trouble when I am in the middle of a call. 

Visible insists that it is on my side.  It is not.    Same with Verizon who had to cut it off on their side. 

has anyone had any assistance from Visible getting call waiting turned off?      All I can get is them pointing at me but no one actual investigates the problem.  


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Hey there! If you're using an iPhone, call waiting can be disabled by going to Settings > Phone > Call Waiting. On an Android, you should be able to locate the feature in the Phone app or in your Call Settings.

While appreciate your answer, unfortunately, that doesn't work in my situation.   For whatever reason, the "Call Waiting" is NOT an option on my iPhone.     According to the advice from Apple, this IS a carrier-side issue.    I would really like some help with this.   Again, I do NOT have this setting on my phone.   https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8274683