Urgent Service Issue


I am in urgent need from the Visible team getting my dad's service up and running.  I attempted to activate his new phone (purchased from Visible) and provided SIM card.  The account activated but the service did not connect properly. I have been chatting with reps since this occurred on the 19th of December, 2021 and it is now the 27th and still no service or contact (as promised from the tech folks).  Does anyone have any thoughts as to getting contact and resolution so my dad's phone is up and working?


Novice III

Hello there, could you please tell me what device your father is using? If not, then please check the Visible phone compatibility list and make sure that it's on the list. 


I can feel your pain I too have had the same problem and have not yet been able to get the assistance that I need. My credit card  has been charged 30$ for services that I have never received. I also need help with this issue before I decide to give up and go elsewhere.