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Visible is offering a free trial for your ESIM compatible iPhone. With no risk or commitment required it is the best time to join. Even with this great offer there are always questions so here are some of the top FAQs to better understand the promotion and offer details. See more here at

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Visible Free Trial FAQ (most recent update 19:16 UTC Jan 6, 2022)

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What is the Visible Free Trial?

The Visible Free Trial is a 15-day free trial that doesn't require a credit card to join. Get the full Visible network experience via eSIM, without the commitment. 

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is not currently a Visible member, has not been a Visible member in the last 12 months, or has not participated in the trial in the past 12 months. If you meet these criteria, then all you need is an eligible iPhone device with eSIM capability to participate. 

Does the trial cost anything or is there a commitment to join?

There is absolutely no cost to participate in the trial, and there’s no commitment or credit card needed to start. You can also end your trial at any time. The free trial is subject to Visible’s terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.

Can I keep the trial number once I’m ready to join Visible?

If you join Visible, you can keep the trial number. The trial number is not available to be ported to another carrier or otherwise retained, so your only right to the trial number is to continue to use it on a paying Visible account, at which point you will have all rights to the number set forth in the Visible service terms and conditions. 

After the trial, how much is the Visible plan?

Visible is $40/month, but you can pay as low as $25/month if you join a party through Party Pay.

Do I need to provide a payment method during activation of the free trial? 

No, a payment method is not needed during the free trial period. But if you decide to become a Visible member after your trial, a payment is needed. See setup & activation for more payment details. 

What do I need to join the free trial?
You need to have a device that is compatible with Visible eSIM and provide your name, email and zip code to get the Visible Free Trial.

No credit card information is required to try the free trial.

Can referral codes be used with the Free Trial? 
There is no place to add a referral code when you are signing up for the Free Trial, but at the end of the trial if you decide to sign up for the service, you will be able to use a referral code.


How do I test Visible’s data and calling after joining the free trial?

If you want to be sure you are testing our service, you can set up your phone to use the Visible data by going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data and selecting your free trial number as the default data line. If you want to allow your phone to switch data between your Visible line and your other line (if you have one), select ‘Allow Cellular Data Switching’.

You can change your default voice line to your Visible line too by going to Settings > Cellular > Default Voice Line and selecting your Visible number. Note that changing your default voice line will mean that your friends and family will see the call coming in from a different line.

If your other line was also an eSIM, then you will only be able to use one line at a time. If you are happy with your Visible service and want to keep using the number from your other carrier, you can join now and port your number after joining!

How do I bring my primary phone number to Visible?

You can bring your primary phone number to Visible after you become a Visible member. Our Care team would be happy to help you with the transfer.  

What is eSIM?

With eSIM (embedded subscriber identity module), you can join a cellular network with the existing technology on your phone. That means you don’t need to insert a physical SIM card to get started. 

Can I take my trial number to another carrier?

No, you may only retain the trial number if you sign up for a paying Visible account.

Can I transfer my trial number to a new device? 

No, the trial number can only be retained on the phone used in the trial. If you want to transfer your number to a new device after you sign up for a regular, paying Visible account, our Care team can assist with such a change.

Will I receive text/voicemail notification from my primary number when I am on the Visible Trial eSIM service?

If you have your primary number on a physical SIM, you can still receive text & voicemails on your primary number. If you have your primary number on an eSIM, you will need to ensure the number is enabled in your device settings, which would disable the free trial on your device.

What happens to my text/voicemail from my Visible Trial service number after my trial ends? 

If you convert to a paying member, you will keep all access to your texts and voicemail. If you end the trial without converting, you will still be able to access text messages sent to your device as they will be saved on your phone, but you will be unable to access your voicemail inbox.

How many times can I get a free trial?

You’re only allowed to get one free trial per device and one free trial in any 12-month period. 

If you have already used a device with the paid Visible plan, then you also are unable to receive the free trial until 12 months have passed since you used that device with Visible

Do I need to purchase a new phone to access the free trial? 

No, if your current phone is compatible with eSIM, you can try Visible on it!  

Can I cancel a free trial?

If you no longer wish to continue with the free trial, you can let the trial expire and are not required to take any action to terminate your account. You will be able to use your login and password  for up to 60 days after your trial ends, afterwards  your account will be terminated.
If you used the Visible Free Trial number for calling and data you will need to change it back to your previous default number. To access these settings, go to Settings>Cellular and configure the ‘Cellular Data’ and ‘Default Voice Line’ settings.

For further questions on how to manage your free trial or eSIM, please contact our Care team.You can remove the eSIM profile from your Apple iPhone when you are switching to a new device or changing SIM cards. Follow the steps below to learn how to remove a cellular plan from your Apple iPhone: 

What happens when I convert to being a Visible full member?
When you convert, your free trial will end, and your billing cycle starts on the same day. You will be charged $25 for your first month and will have full access to the features at Visible, such as the ability to add an Apple Watch plan.

Note: Removing the eSIM does not cancel your membership. Contact Visible Care for more information. 

How can I remove an eSIM profile from my phone?

Steps to remove:

Go to the Home screen.

Choose Settings.

Scroll down.

Choose Cellular.

Choose Secondary.

Choose Remove Cellular Plan.

Choose Remove Visible Plan.

The eSIM cellular plan has been removed.

Return to the Home screen.

What are the terms for getting a $50 gift card after joining Visible?

1Join Visible and create your account.

2Transfer your number from an Eligible Carrier - see list here.

3Set up your eSIM and activate.

4After completing 3 full months of service payments, you will receive an email with a code to redeem your virtual gift card

Offer disclosure: New members who (1) purchase a qualifying device or bring their own, (2) transfer their existing phone number from an Eligible Carrier, (3) activate their Visible service, and (4) complete 3 full months' service payments, are eligible to receive up to a $200 virtual gift card, redeemable via a promotion code, which is valid for a select offering on https://www.visibleoffers.c.

Device and promotion eligibility is subject to change. Specific gift card values are limited to a devices' displayed gift card value at time of transaction, as found here. This promotion is fulfilled through a third-party, Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc., and may be subject to additional policies and terms.

Limit 1 virtual gift card per member. The promotion code is itself not a gift card and has no cash value. Promotion code and redemption instructions will be emailed to the member after qualification. While supplies last. Limited time offer. Can only be combined with other Visible promotions where indicated.

Visible reserves the right to change or terminate this offer at any time, without notice. If Visible, in its sole discretion, determines that a member has engaged in abuse, misuse, or gaming in connection with this offer in any way, or that the member intends to do so, Visible reserves the right to disqualify the member from this promotion.

Gift card vendor list is variable and subject to change. Gift Card redemption promotion code is valid for redemption with third-party for 30 days. Valid for up to 12 months; unused funds will forfeit after expiration date. Gift card to be fulfilled digitally; physical cards will not be issued. Gift card vendor-specific terms and conditions may apply; see gift card for additional details.


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19:16 UTC Jan 6, 2022
Can referral codes be used with the Free Trial?

There is no place to add a referral code when you are signing up for the Free Trial, but at the end of the trial if you decide to sign up for the service, you will be able to use a referral code.


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I haven't been able to get this to work for anyone I've suggested it to.

Hi @HarvestClouds let us know what is not working.

DS-Community Manager

I will agree with @DS-VisibleMgr comments like it doesn't work for any one I have had try it aren't helpful. What specifically didn't work? Example The QR code wouldn't scan, example it wouldn't give a trial number ETC. Please be as specific as possible to more quickly help track down bugs and issues so they can be properly fixed.

I tried to sign up for the free trial but ended up at a paywall.  Started over and now I am being told "We've met before".  Well yes, 3 min ago when I tried to sign up for the free trial.  I don't have Visible service and I would like to try it, but I guess I scanned the wrong CR code.


What do I do now?



I'm stuck trying to start the trial as well.  The "Almost there" download completes, then I get bumped back to a "Thanks for your patience" screen, which send me to the "Almost there" screen, and back to the "Thanks for your patience" screen.  Is there any way out of this loop??


Is the trial still restricted to e-SIMs on iPhones? Visible now supports other android devices correct? Please update the webpage if it supports android phones as well. 


Same issue as most here. I keep seeing the "Almost there.." screen with a message saying "We're setting up your Visible Free Trial. This shouldn't take much longer" along with a "Thanks for your patience. This may take up to 30 minutes to setup your trial" message that comes up every 15 minutes or so.

I've been waiting for 1.5 hours at this point.