Visible wont take my money!


Going on nearly 9 months or more now I have tried and failed repeatedly to purchase a phone and service from visible. Eventually I just bought the Pixel 5 cash from Verizon and got on their plan erroneously thinking that a internal move would be easier? I am not and have never tried to get finacning, I have well above the amount of cash available in my accounts, I've used credit, debit, paypal for both AND my bank. I've authorized the purchases with my bank multiple times and they say its on Visible. Why the heck wont you guys take my money!!!!


Intermediate III

They keep cancelling the orders? What's going on? 


I've been through a similar circus sideshow myself over the past 2-3 weeks; very aggravating.


I attempted to purchase a plan along with the Motorola Moto G Power using three different payment methods, all denied. I eventually went to Motorola's website to purchase the phone direct and saved thirty dollars so, in the end I'd call it a win, despite the annoyance.


Oh, and upon returning to Visible's site to purchase a SIM package I had no problem using one of my previously denied cards. Strange...