WiFi Calling doesn't work.


I've tried everything on two different phone lines with visible Wireless to get Wi-Fi calling to work properly.


It works fine when I'm at home on my own router but whenever I am outside of my house and try any hot spots or anybody else's Wi-Fi connection it will not work.


I get "Mobile network is not available. Connect to a wireless network to make a call." When I'm connected to a fully functioning Wi-Fi network.


I reset the phone, tried different phones but no matter what I try I have the same result.


I live in an area that is very spotty for anybody's cell phone coverage and that's why I was hoping to be able to use Wi-Fi calling.





Have the same problem. wifi calling says it's working when i have cell signal and don't need it but when i have no cell signal and absolutely need wifi calling (like at my new residence) it won't engage. it's almost like visible claims they provide something they don't actually provide.