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Visible eSIM App Update

Our Visible app has been updated for iOS and Android with new and improved eSIM functionality to make the eSIM to eSIM all self serviceable. Make sure you are up to date on the latest version. For a step by step on how to complete the process see our...

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Dialing Extensions

My phone does something very odd, when I'm attempting to dial a number with an extension, I will hear the service state, "Attempting to Connect" then my phone hangs up. Phone: Blade X1 5G Any Ideas?ThanksPhilip

Visible App on iOS

As of 20230104 I have the following issues and will start a chat with helpdesk shortly:Visible app is in a loop continually wanting to switch to my old phone number. That process is complete and old phone number works yet the Visible app still wants ...

ApexRon by Novice
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Iphone cannot call or text Android or non-iOS devices

I just activated Visible on an iPhone 11, porting my number from Metro/T-Mobile. Everything seemed fine until I realized that no texts were being delivered to Android devices, though texts to iOS devices went through fine. Went through hours of chat ...

lawdoc by Novice
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Incorrect area code assigned

I am beyond frustrated!!!! I created an account for myself 5 days ago and was given the correct area code. I went to create my son an account and the system created a phone number with an area code for a different part of the state and none of the mu...