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Novice II

Needing people to join our party new to visible




Novice III

Best wishes for your party but people will always leave without warning. Consider joining a larger party and secure your $25 every month. We started with 4 and now there's 116 in the group. We welcome you to join us.


Referral code for new accounts, $5 the first month


Best wishes John_3_16. 


Your first month for only $5 using promo code: 3tJvW6
then only $25 per month when you join our Party Pay group:

Novice III

It was just a matter of time before the community troll appears with the same comment 🤣 Best wishes blah blah blah consider joining blah blah blah, we started with 4 blah blah, and now there's blah blah, here's my code blah blah blah. 😂