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@ links to members--Every time I turn off or restart my phone, I lose the settings, even if I save them. HELP!


Do you have any APN settings rhigt now or it's blank? If you have any APN settings saved on your phone just edit that APN.

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Hello Cell Tower, Yes I also have the S20, always used Verizon prepaid service for years, never had an issue, so i moved to Visible Powered by Verizon because i bought the ultra wideband for $60 the speeds were the same as the 5G nationwide, here is the kicker i paid $60 for unlimited ultra wideband but turns out not for the hotspot, 18 days in the plan it was throttled down 2 Mbps DL 2Mbps UP, Nope its not worth it!! so i jumped over to Visible Network and had nothing but issues, so i found one of your APN settings Post did exactly what you said to do by filling in APN settings, Great I got data for the first time but its only LTE+, I've spent over 2 hours in chat support and got nothing out of it, so i am waiting for the tech support team email that was supposed to be within 24 hours! well its been 22 hours and still no email, I put your settings back in my device to have some data until this miracle email gets here. Do you know what this is about? Will i have to download a patch in my cell to get the 5G to fire up? I own a Galaxy S20  5G  Running Version 12 in Network Operators if i unselect the button i will get only 5 to choose from, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and 2 5 digits as operator choices, Please Let me know if you can Help,

Usually one's your connected to data it doesn't have to do with APN settings, I don't know why you don't get 5g it's definitely a issue in visible's end, the thing is just having you do the APN settings manually is a issue. What's your dada speed with LTE+? When I get LTE plus it could go up to 60mbps

No not at my work Place area only 27 DL 7 UL speeds, at home i once got 60DL only UL 2 Speed, tech support sent me a text yesterday asking me to go ahead and power down then power up text back if any changes Y or N so it got a N never heard back! do you want me to share my settings i used to get the LTE up and running? which is better than nothing for now,

or it wont matter? tuesday morning if this not fixed i am going back to Verizon!! i dont have time for this network that seems to have plenty of issues with galaxy S20 phones  

Sure!! We will really appreciate it. It will help others in the same situation

I Finally figured out what the issue was! Turns out my last SIM Card by Verizon was a 4G SIM Card, When I Decided to Get a Verizon Plan Based on all my Visible issues i was having,  Verizon dumped my 4G SIM Card and added The 5G SIM Card to my Galaxy S20, then noticed my phone Needed to be Updated, I leave Verizon not knowing they never ported my old number in my phone???? It was after 5 PM so i couldn't return to the Verizon store, then decided to just put my Visible Card back in to setup call forwarding, Thats when i noticed My PHONE SAID 5G, Went to APN Settings, There it was all the setting downloaded automatically! The Issue was FIXED! I couldn't believe it, 4 days trying and trying to get my Galaxy S20 back to full Service, So Now I have 2 Phone Lines! LOL!! 

To be Clear! during my troubleshooting my Verizon 4G SIM Card and Visible SIM Card when both installed i did check for software updates on both Cards came back on both cards my software were up to date no download needed at this time, just the 5G SIM Card Needed to be up to Date when i Checked, I wanted to add that part in my story so there isn't any confusion, This Might help a lot of folks that are having the same issues i previously had!! 

I printed out the website above to try later when i get home, where i have wifi! my work place does not, its only setup for my hotspot feature, its working in LTE so thats a plus, but you know i want to see the 5G in the upper right hand corner of my phone, or i will go back to Verizon in a couple days, Thanks for all your help Cell Tower, ill keep you posted!!

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I also noticed a issue sending and receiving text photos, i looked all over my phone to see if there was a setting that needed to be unchecked, I didnt see that option anywhere so it must be the Visible service

I feel i am at a DEADEND with this service! 

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I do have the New APN settings if your interested in seeing what was downloaded automatically,

Let me Know Thanks

I would like to know, please. 

I would like to know what they are, please. 🙂