$5 for first month service-friend code. $25/month-Join Party Plan. Up to $200 gift card-Easy 1-2-3

Novice II

1. Use this link: https://www.visible.com/get/3738SDN, to sign up for your Visible SIM card, and enter 3738SDN in the promo code box at check out.

2. After activating your phone with your Visible SIM card, go to: https://www.visible.com/p/Ollanketo, and JOIN our Party Plan and enjoy Visible 5G service for $25/month, for as long as you want, cause we are over2700 members STRONG, and growing, thanx to you all!!!

3. Upon completion of your third months payment and bringing your old # with you, you qualify for a virtual Gift Card, up to $200.

So its easy as 1-2-3

Merry Christmas!!!