An honest review from a new Visible subscriber - Code 37LWLTD at checkout to get your first month $5


Alright, after switching to Visible - I can honestly say my service has been great on the Verizon cell network.  The price is fantastic with party pay and you can literally join any existing party of thousands of people so you never have to worry about dropping below the 4 person max for the largest discount.  I joined the 40k members reddit sub, personally. 

I am not going to fluff anyone’s pillow here – the savings are real for me so far, my cell phone bill has been cut in half, and my service has improved over US Cellular.  What I am going to do is offer up my referral code if you are thinking about making the switch.  I’ll be honest, I love saving money on my cell bill, and if you use my referral code, or anyone else’s you will also save money on your first month!  Using mine, gives me $20 off my bill for a month, so I am shamelessly promoting it when I have time in hopes some of you make the switch and want help each other out!

My Friend Code:


Use this in the promo codes section during checkout – you’ll receive your first month’s service for $5.

Switching is pretty painless, it’s all done through the visible app, and porting my number was handled entirely by Visible.  Porting my number also netted me a 100$ gift card (4 months service?!) and a set of pixel earbuds. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for using my friend code and saving us both some cash!