Attention Teachers, First Responders, Nurses, Hospital Employees

Novice II

Visible offers a discount for your monthly plan as gratitude for your services to the community...

But they don't want to actually honor the discount. You won't find it here, you would have needed to stumble across the discount being offered through  They are a ID verification company that the IRS among others use to verify online, you probably came across them before at some point.  In any case the shop has a huge list of discounts, including our favorite wireless service Visible. $5 buck off your plan every month.  Pretty awesome huh?  Not so fast, this is for NEW customers only.  They don't really appreciate the existing customers that are teachers and police, and nurses, and firemen. Just the new sign ups.  Full disclosure I have 2 lines with visible, probably add a 3rd here soon, and my wife is a teacher, I want this discount, it matters on her salary.  


But really Visible ought to be ashamed of this policy.  First off if you chat and ask them they will flat out deny they have any discounts, but when you send them the link they change the story and get down to brass tacks, the discount is for new lines, not you established customers.