For New User- Use this code: 3FRM73P We both only need to pay $5 for next month! Details included!

Novice II

Use this code during order new SIM card, you price will drop to $5 ONLY!


After you order new SIM card from Visible, you will receive the SIM card next day (they will send you via FedEx Next Day). After that, you will insert your new SIM to your phone and one click activate the service from Visible app. Reboot your cell and done!


*If you need to transfer your old phone number (Porting), you will need to have current account number and PIN ready and fill it out during order new SIM. DO NOT TERMINATE CURRENT NUMBER*


After you activate your service you will be able to join Party Pay, so your next monthly payment will drop to $25. You can use below link to join this 5000+ members group if you don't want to create one for your own. (Just join and your next bill will automatically adjust to $25)

*I don't own the group but you can just click and join.

If you have any concerns please leave a msg, I will reply you within hours.