PartyPay needs some rework in it app to add people to join



This party play says it allows anyone in the party to add others. It even goes as far as gives others within a party of someone else starting to invite others into same said party.


What it fails to do is allow other members that are part of a party started by another to authorize others to join after another posted an invite to same said party that he or she belongs to but did not create. Even though the app provided a means to invite others into same said party he or she belongs to.


A gross mishap on visible wireless part. As I don't know any other means to notify them. I'm posting it in here.


They might have to change their policy but that's the easiest part? 


Intermediate II

Absolutely can't follow what you are saying. If someone wants to invite prospective members or current members to a party that they joined they can post away. I see my party being posted by numerous members with their referral code often. The referral is the key if you want to get service at 5.00 per month. And anyone in the party can approve a party request. I had members of my group approve people all of the time.