What is the purpose of building a party greater than 4 persons?

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What is the purpose of building a party greater than 4 persons?

It seems that you do not get any further discount beyond a reduction to $25. A mo. no matter how many persons you have in your party?   What is the point?



I saw someone else within the community answer this.  Their opinion was that people are free to leave your party at any time causing your monthly bill to go up.  However, I must say seeing people with a HUGE party post their conversation more than one time per day, or replying to their own post and offering it at as solution seems questionable to me.  This is just my opinion but maybe Visible Community moderators have a different opinion.  Anyway, good luck and I hope this is somewhat helpful.

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The only advantage is security. With 4 only there is no buffer off protection for yourself or others in the group to maintain $25. Often it is not know that someone leaves and "suprise" when the bill comes due. With many more in the group there is almost no likelyhood of that happening practically guaranteeing $25 for life.

My party is comfortable at maybe 35 members. There is no other reason or reward that I am aware of.

Thank you for your quick response.  i now get it.


fjm335 - 1. Security in numbers 2. Why wouldn't we want our family, friends and Neighbors to save/pay $25 per month? 3. Visible could say "party of 25 to pay $25" in the future (I doubt it) but why take a chance.... go BIG... Oh and 4. Referral Discount/promotions in helping a single get started and join a party.  Make sense?? 

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Additional information needed? https://www.visible.com/help

Yes it does, thank you I understand now.