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Superusers to the rescue.

A way for Visible experts and fans to make our community stronger, acting as a beacon of hope, help and support. Our heroes. 

  • Superusers are members who volunteer to actively engage with our community. On forums, they’re supporting other members, answering questions, and sharing their knowledge of Visible.

The best of the best.

  • Our Community Teams choose Superusers based on their activity and engagement in the community. The more a member interacts and helps other members, the more likely they’ll be nominated and chosen.

Recognizing greatness.

  • For giving their time to help, we award Superusers with special badges and icons within the community, as well as priority access to new features, events, merch, and more.

The heroes we need and deserve.

  • Do you have what it takes to be a Superuser or know someone who would be a good fit? Let us know:  Fill Out Form

Frequently Asked Questions

“Sounds great! I’m ready to be nominated.”
  • Then keep helping others! Stand out in our community by being there to help others in whatever way, solidifying the fact that you’re the person other members can turn to for support. We’re always monitoring the forums, so we’ll notice.
“I’ve been nominated.”
  • First off: very impressive and thanks for the posts in our community. The next step is you getting an email from us. If you’d like to accept your new, prestigious Superuser status, let us know there and we’ll send you more information about all this and next steps.

Help us help you – nominate yourself or a member who’d be an all-star Superuser. The best to ever do it. They’re out there, so help us find them: 

Fill Out Form

Additional Terms:

  • The Community Terms and Conditions apply to this Superuser Program. (see Community Terms and Conditions)
  • Participation in the Superuser program is strictly voluntary. 
  • Participants acknowledge that their participation does not confer upon them any special relationship with Visible, including but not limited to an employment, independent contractor, delegate, agent, or fiduciary relationship.
  • Participants are not authorized by Visible to speak for Visible, make commitments or agreements on Visible’s behalf, or hold themselves out as authorized representatives of Visible. 
  • Visible reserves the right to determine which users qualify for the Superuser program at Visible’s sole discretion.
  • Visible has the right to remove users from the Superuser program at any time, with or without notice, and for any or no reason. Visible reserves the right to modify, change, or terminate the Superuser program at any time, at Visible’s sole discretion.