Intermediate II

What is Visible Community?

Visible Community is a place where anyone can go to connect with other members, get questions answered, and help out others. 

How do I contact a community manager?

You can contact a community manager by using a private message. Our community manager is:

  • DS-VisibleMgr

What are the rankings and badges?

Rankings and badges are earned based on your use and participation in the community. Additional rankings and badges may be added. 

What are the leaderboards?

“Top Kudoed Authors” and “Top Solutions Authors” are users whose posts have been kudo’d and responses have been accepted as the solution the most.

Why hasn’t Care fixed my issue?

Moderators and Superusers try to respond to your posts within ~48 hours if there are no responses. If you need urgent attention, please contact Care via chat or social.

I created an account, why can't I post or send a message?

Your email must be verified. If you are unable to do this with the link that was emailed to you, please email your username and a brief message to with the subject line "Community Email Verification". You must send this message from the email address associated with your Community account.

Where do I go for help with Visible Community?

You can check out the Help menu by clicking on your profile avatar. If your questions are not answered here, please contact a moderator.

Why was my post flagged?

Posts are flagged automatically if they contain inappropriate language or personal information. Moderators review flagged posts before they are made public. You can read more in our Terms and Conditions.

Where can I see my data?

You can see your data by going to My Settings -> Personal. You can download a machine-readable copy of your data by going to My Settings -> Personal -> Personal Information. 

Where can I delete my data?

You can delete your data by closing your account. This is done in My Settings -> Personal -> Close Account. You can also message a moderator to do this for you. Closing your account will mean that you can no longer post/respond/interact with the community unless you make a new account. This will only delete our data, and will not delete any posts or responses you have made. Your existing posts and responses will be made anonymous with an anonymous username and avatar. 

How can an authorized representative request my data deleted on my behalf?

You must email your name and Visible Community username to, along with the name, address, and email of your authorized agent.

Still have questions? 

Check out the help section on your account.