Snowed In

Intermediate III

For those snowed in, how is visible working for ya? Just curious! I have no snow where I'm at



Hey @devin37354 - definitely sending prayers to all without power and water in the TX area and beyond.

Thankfully we have utilities working we’re we at and have NO PROBLEMS with our Visible service.

We’ve already gotten twice the amount of snow in the past few days than we get in an entire year with another more forecasted into tomorrow.

Hopefully things things will start to be operational again for everyone soon! 💙


Novice II

I'm in Denton texas. I was unable to use internet I was getting less than. .5mbps so it was useless. When power finally came back on it is slowly getting better but still not great

Intermediate III

Any idea how other carriers performed I'm texas? I know a lot had issues, some were dead all together.


Just curious!