Your IMEI is not available


Hi! I am joining the Visible Squad transitioning from AT&T Prepaid!

I am currently using an iPhone 14 Pro that I bought from Korea (I can use pSIM, only US iPhones doesn't have pSIM slots somehow).

I thought I could be eligible for the eSIM from the Visible mobile app as I have previously used AT&T Prepaid with eSIM on this phone. 

But somehow the app is blocking me with the following message: "You're IMEI is not available"

I do have a spare slot for eSIM as I have deleted my previous eSIM slot, but somehow the Visible app won't allow me to register.

Would there be any solutions for this?


Thank you for your help in advance!


iPhone 14 Pro 


Not applicable

Non US model phones do not work on Visible.

But the pSIMs are working tho. I just got my pSIM yesterday and activated my service with pSIM. 

I just don't get why eSIMs are not working with international models?


I’m dealing with the same thing can’t get help with it from anyone