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When you're ready to make the switch, come join our helpful and friendly group. We'd be happy to have you! Just follow these steps:


1. GET 1st MONTH FOR $5 by going to https://www.visible.com/get/36FC6L6, then (a) Sign up for service and (b) enter the promo code: 36FC6L6 at checkout. They'll overnight you a SIM card, or if you have a compatible phone, you can sign up for an eSIM to start service today.


2. After activation, PAY $25/MONTH AFTER THAT by going to https://visible.com/p/Visibly-Happy and join our growing group. Doing so will save you $180/year. Worried someone won’t pay? Don’t be! You won’t ever be responsible for paying someone else’s unpaid bill with Party Pay.


3. Want an even better deal? PAY JUST $5/MONTH (for up to a year) when you help others switch! You and a friend get one month of unlimited service for just $5 when they use "your" referral code.


Have questions? Feel free to DM me. Thanks for joining our Visibly Happy Party!