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Any current Visible Unlimited Mobile members can join our 4300+ member group to save $180/year and pay just $25/month by clicking https://www.visible.com/p/Ollanketo .  We accept all new members several times each day and all group members can go to the Party Pay tab in their account and accept any new members requesting to join. 

Thank you to everyone who has joined us recently.  

Stay safe and have a great day!


Newbie II

I tried clicking on your link https://www.visible.com/p/Ollanketo and only got a blank page. I am a new subscriber to Visible and when I activated I saw a screen come up with groups asking if I wanted to join, but not knowing what it was passed. I can't find a working link now. Is it still possible to join a party and save a few bucks? I don't see a party tab in my account. Are new customers prevented from joining a party without an invite or are we just blocked? Thanks.

I’m pretty sure Visible stopped offering the Party Pay option for new customers, but I’d still suggest you do a chat with customer service and ask them if you can join the group.  Please DM me to let me know how it goes and welcome to Visible.

I tried using chat and got this message re party pay. Seems not open to new members at this time:

Party Pay is only available to Members who were active on our retired Visible Unlimited Plan.

Our new Visible and Visible+ plans do not include Party Pay because they provide the best value at the best price without the need to join a party to qualify!

To view Party Pay FAQs check out this page Visible Party Pay Update.

I think if I had the code when I joined/activated I might have been able to join, but once you activate without the code you're blocked from joining. Doesn't really make sense, but there it is.

What a shame but thank you for sharing what you learned.  I do hope you enjoy Visible service.  We’ve sure enjoyed it for over two years.  Have a great week!