BargainAll party pay signup

Novice II

The BargainAll party pay group has received a few request to join the group and we received emails in that regard.  When we respond to the say yah/nay link, that takes us to the Visible app, but there is no opportunity to provide a response to the requesting party.  Should you wish to join the party please use the following link.


Thank You




I just sent you a request to join BargainAll.  Thanks. Communitybud

Dear communitybud,


We would be happy to have you join the group, but have no means to accept your request unless you use the link on the groups home page.


Thank you for your interest.

I did use the link on the party plan page for your group and got the "Hang Tight" message in my account.  I have been waiting for a chat person and got down to @2 and it disappeared back to Chat again.  I am still trying to get signed into your group and appreciate your patience and response.  The chat group has ended twice before they answered so not sure if I will be able to get through.  I did make another request to join the group and got another Hang Tight tonight.

I have spent the last hour trying to get through to chat and when I get close it stops.  So I will try again tomorrow.  I have made two requests through the visible link to join your site and it sounds like there is a problem if you get a request for you to be able to accept it.  I don't know what is going on, but it is frustrating.  Will try tomorrow.  Thanks again for your patience.

Hi communitybud,

Looking forward to having you join the party.  I’m not sure they have all the bugs worked out of their system.  I have received requests  in the past that asked for a Yah or Nay, and when the link was pressed there was no opportunity to do anything.  There were also some additions to the party without any request.  Not sure why anyone would say Nay in any case.


Sorry you are having problems with the Chat.  I initially used it many times, as when I first started using Visible I could make calls but not receive any.  Seems there was some kind of problem associated with the porting process.  They eventually fixed it.  One thing I did learn from that process is that you can ask them to call you, however to do that you have to chat with them first.


As to the Hang Tight message the only other thing I can think of is that you have to be a Visible customer to apply for Party Pay.  Don’t think you can join a Party until you signup for service.  By the way if you haven’t signed up yet, they had a half price deal for the first month when I signed.  Don’t know if they still have.


Hope you have better luck next time you try Chat.

Thanks for the message rj.  After I spent two hours trying to get through to Chat, I finally got someone who said they were turning it over the the managers.  I got a message saying to wait and NOT accept if I get an email from you to join.  They also said that if you get a request, do NOT use the app to answer the request; you have to use a window in a regular browser.  They also told me that one no longer has to be accepted to join so it sounds like there are a lot of changes going on and frustrating for all.  I will hang in there.  Hope it all works out.

Hi communitybud,


It sounds like you are making progress.  The object is to get your monthly cost down to $25.

When I first learned of Party Pay I thought that one somehow had to put together a Party of 4 to get the maximum price break.  Couldn’t imagine how I could find two other people to join with my wife and myself, didn’t know anyone else that used Visible.  Somehow discovered the Visible Community and looked for a couple of other people.  It didn’t take long for a group to form.

Hope you are quickly able to get into some party to get your monthly cost down to $25/month.