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Trade in on Visible is here! Click below to learn more about how you can get credit for your old device.  Q: What’s the trade-in program?  A: The trade-in program allows for you to take a phone you’re not using anymore or an old phone you are upgrading and send it to Visible for a credit toward a new device!  Q: What is a trade-in?  A: A trade-in is just that, it’s a device that you can send into Visible when you’re purchasing a new device in exchange for a credit.  Q: Who is eligible for the trade-in Program?  A: All of our new and active members can use the trade-in program! Q: Are new members eligible for trade-in? A: Any new user can choose to trade-in, just head to our shop and purchase a qualified new device. Q: Are existing members eligible for trade-in? A: You bet! An existing member with an active account and has not completed a trade-in in the past 12 months can purchase a qualified new device and take advantage of the trade-in program.  Note: If you have purchased and financed a device, and have completed more than 50% of payments you are eligible for the Visible Upgrade Program Q: How do I use the trade-in program?  A: It’s super easy, go to our Shop and purchase a new device. During the process of buying a new device you’ll have the option to trade-in. Q: How do I start the trade-in process? A: Check out the Visible store and choose a qualifying new phone. Phones qualified for trade-in will have the trade-in option listed on their product page. At checkout, you’ll be prompted to answer a few questions about the device you are trading in before beginning the trade-in process. You can also go to to get started. Q: What is counted as a qualified device purchase? A: Trade-in must be accompanied by a phone purchase from Visible Shop. You can pay the phone in full, or buy it through financing with Affirm. The difference impacts how you will be paid back. If you purchased the phone, you will receive a credit back on the payment method you used. If you finance, you will receive a gift card. Note: Apple Watch purchases do not qualify at this time. Q: I already purchased a device from Visible, am I eligible?  A: If you are an existing member with an active account and a fully paid-off phone  and have not traded in a phone within the past 12 months you’ll be eligible for a trade-in. If you’re an existing member who has purchased a device through our partner Affirm and have paid 50% or more of the financed amount, you are eligible for the Visible Upgrade Program Q: Is my device eligible for trade-in? A: At checkout, enter the make/model/carrier of your trade-in to check if it is listed as a qualifying device.  If it’s on the list, continue on to answer a few questions about the phone’s condition and enter its IMEI number. If you are presented with an estimated trade-in value for your device upon completion, you are eligible for trade-in. Q:  How will I get paid? A: If you paid in full for your new phone, the final trade-in value awarded will be credited back to the payment method you used to purchase your new phone. If there is an issue with that payment method or your phone was financed instead of paid in full, the final trade-in value awarded will be issued to you in the form of a virtual MasterCard gift card. *Visible is not able to apply the credit to a different form of payment. Q: What device can I trade-in? A: When you start the trade-in questions, you'll be asked for your phone info (carrier, make, model). If your phone is on the list, continue to answer the questions about the phone conditions and enter the phone's IMEI. If at the end of the checks, you are presented with an offer of trade-in value, it means you can trade-in your phone. Q: How long is my trade-in estimate offer valid for? A: The Trade-In amount shown for your device is valid to be used on a new device purchase from the Visible store for 24 hours. After 24 hours the offer will expire. To receive a new offer simply go through the trade-in estimate questionnaire and a new offer will be generated. NOTE: market pricing for trade-in devices is updated on an ongoing basis, so if your original offer expires and you submit again for the same device your offer amount MAY change. Q: Can I finance the cost of my new device? A: Yes! During the purchase process you may select to finance your new device purchase with our financing partner, Affirm. In this case, your final trade-in value will be provided to you via a digital gift card. Please note that it will take about 3-5 business days after acceptance of final trade-in device valuation to receive your gift card. Q: Does my trade-in device have to be the device I'm actively using for my Visible service? A: No. You can trade in any device that you own outright. Meaning it is unlocked and not under an active device financing agreement (with Visible or anyone else).  NOTE: We require additional checks to insure the device hasn't been reported lost or stolen before accepting the device for trade-in. Q: What if I'm not happy with my new phone? A: As with any new phone purchase with Visible, you can return it within 14 days. To do this return, chat with Care to get the return label.  Note: If you return your new phone, we will cancel your trade-in and, if your trade-in device is still in transit (i.e. USPS shipping tracking shows the shipment has not yet been received by the warehouse), we will attempt to return your old phone to you. You will not receive the trade-in credit if you return your new phone.  In the event your trade-in device has been received by the warehouse, we may be unable to return that device.  Should the trade-in device receive an adjusted offer after processing, you can still opt to decline the offer and get that device back. Return eligibility chart: Common actions and timing related to trade-in orders Additional Details Return of new device purchase must be completed within 21 days of order date More information about returns can be found at Trade in device must be shipped within 21 days from purchase/trade-in order date Trade-in device must be shipped for final valuation processing You’ve shipped your trade-in before the 21-day window, but then received your new purchase device and need to return the purchased device Chat with Care, who can attempt to cancel your trade-in if it has not yet been moved into ‘received’ status at the warehouse.  We will make every attempt to cancel the trade-in. In the event your trade-in device has been received by the warehouse, we may be unable to return that device.  Should the trade-in device receive an adjusted offer after processing, you can still opt to decline the offer and get that device back. Q: How will I know when you've received/processed my trade-in device A: You will be able to see what step in the process your trade-in is at via or the Visible app, under Account, as well as be given the ability to take necessary actions to progress/complete your trade-in process.  Q: Will you send me any emails or other communications to tell me what's going on with my trade-in? A: In addition to tracking your progress and taking necessary actions via the Visible website or app, our partner Assurant will send email communications updating you on the process and any necessary steps you need to take, these include: Accepted Offer Confirmation Device in transit Customer cancellation Device received in expected condition Device received in unexpected condition / Adjusted offer - CTA to accept/reject via Visible web/app Adjusted offer accepted (Visible will advise if adjusted offer acceptance should be set at 24 business hours or end of next day)  Adjusted offer declined Adjusted offer auto-accepted FMiP good condition FMiP & adjusted offer FMiP verified off ( Customer email reminders to return device will be set at best practice 3day/6days)  Return device with tracking info - when declining an adjusted offer Addt'l reminders for some items above Q: What are the expected timelines for various actions related to my trade-in? A: Trade-In Timelines:  Initial trade-in offer: 24 hours Shipping my trade-in device to Assurant: 21 days from initial offer creation Adjusted trade-in offer accept/decline: 24 hours from unexpected condition notification/communication Turn off Find My iPhone (FMiP) or similar location services: 72 hours from notification/communication to turn off FMiP Credit back to original payment method after final offer value confirmation: 3 business days Gift card sent when original payment method not able to be credited: 3 business days (from attempted credit failure) Q: How do I send back the trade-in device and how long do I have? A: Go to your account management, and print out the prepaid return label to return your old trade-in phone. You have 21 days from the order transaction to return your phone. (Note: for internal purposes, the setting is 45 days till the offer expires, but we tell the users a shorter period of time to urge them to return sooner.) Note: internally 45 days or 90 days is up to us to decide how long we want the Trade-in offer to expired  Q: What happens after I send in my old phone? A: We'll appraise the phone after we receive it. If the phone matches all the conditions you entered and the appraisal value is the same as the offer value you saw during the transaction, you don't need to take any further action, just wait for us to process your payment back to the payment method that you used during the purchase. QQ: Do we require the user to activate their phone?   Q: How come my phone's appraised value is different from the trade-in offer I saw when I completed the transaction? A: After we receive your old phone, we will appraise the phone. The phone's appraised value may be different from the value given in the transaction if we find discrepancies between the phone conditions / specifications and the answers you submitted, or if it is even a different phone. If there's such a discrepancy, you will see this adjustment in your account management. Q: What if I don't accept the trade-in appraisal value? A: If there is an adjustment of value, you can accept or decline it in the account management. If you accept, we will proceed to process this adjustment amount back to the payment method that you used during the purchase. If you decline, your old phone will be returned to you and you will not receive any trade-in credit. Q: How will I be paid back? A: If you paid for the new phone in full, you will receive the trade-in payment as credit back on the payment method used on your account. If you finance your new phone, you will receive a gift card. For example, if you paid with a Visa card, you will receive the payment back on your Visa card. If for any reason that we cannot proceed with this payment, for example if your Visa card has expired in the meantime, we will send you a digital gift card. Please note that it will take about 3-5 business days after acceptance of final trade-in device valuation to process this payment. Q: What if my trade-in device is damaged in transit (i.e. after I send it in for final assessment)? A: Need to dispute with the shipping company: USPS, UPS, FedEx Q: How do I remove my SIM? A:  Locate the SIM tray (small slot with a hole, usually on the sides of your phone) Use a SIM tool or paperclip to push into the hole until the tray pops out. Remove SIM from tray and replace SIM tray back into device Q: How do I turn off location services before I return my trade-in device? A:  iPhone Users Turn off Find my iPhone feature: Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Turn Off Master reset the phone using the following steps: ​​​​Connect the phone to Wi-Fi or data network for changes to take place. Tap Settings > General, Scroll to the bottom. Select Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings. Enter the phone unlock PIN (if present). Tap Erase iPhone. Tap Erase iPhone again to confirm. Enter the Apple ID password and then tap Erase. Android Users Factory reset the phone. Power off your phone. While the device is powered off: Samsung Galaxy users should hold the Volume down, Power, and Bixby buttons down for a few seconds. Samsung Galaxy Users  Release all keys if the Samsung logo pops up. Tap on the screen when the Android Robot icon appears above the words No command. When the Recovery Mode option appears, use the volume keys to scroll up and down. Scroll to select wipe data/factory reset and press the Power button to confirm. Navigate to Yes – delete all user data and confirm with the Power button. At the last selection screen, choose Reboot System Now and confirm with the Power button.  
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Like with most things Visible: activating service is pretty simple. So we’re going to run through how to activate Visible service. It can all start when you get your Visible SIM kit in the mail. Once you have that, follow these steps: Are you still having trouble? Click here or chat into Care via our app or social. Put your SIM in your device.  View our how-to instructions here. Connect your device to the internet. If you haven’t already, download the Visible app on your device. Tap the app and log into your account. Make sure all of the items on the activation checklist are checked off. Press the blue Activate button. Follow the on-screen instructions. Rejoice.
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