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We’re excited to introduce our new Visible and Visible+ plans, which offer an even better network  for our members.


The new Visible plan provides unlimited data, talk, text and hotspot for just $30/month for a single line, taxes and fees included; a reduction from the prior standard rate of $40/month. We also have the new Visible+ plan, which is just $45/month all in, and includes  5G Ultra Wideband access, 50 GB of premium network experience, roaming coverage in Canada & Mexico, and global calling to 30+ countries.

Both plans offer 5G Nationwide – the 5th generation of mobile technology. The move to 5G can give members a faster, more responsive, and overall more powerful experience. The Visible plan provides access to 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE; while the Visible+ plan provides access to 5G Nationwide, 4G LTE, and 5G Ultra Wideband.

Want to learn more about 5G? Visit:  [Help Center] Visible 5G

You might also be wondering what’s in store for you if you’re in a Party Pay party on the Visible Unlimited plan. It’s simple: you can remain in your Party Pay party as long as you’re on the Visible Unlimited plan.
But, if you’re ready for a little more from your network, say ‘so long’ to Party Pay and check out our amazing new plans. 

Existing members will be required to get a new SIM card to take advantage of all these capabilities. All members, new and existing must update their device software before activating their new Visible or Visible+ plan. Devices that are currently certified for use with Visible services including our new plans are listed in the  compatibility checker.  We strive to expand the range of compatible devices on an ongoing basis. If you want to activate a device on the Visible network that you did not purchase from us, please be aware that certification of such devices by Visible for use on our network does not mean that we have made any determination as to the call quality or other functionality provided by the device.

For additional information please also visit our help center or contact us via our customer support channels.


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Wait, remind me what the difference is between Visible Unlimited and Visible’s new plans?

The new Visible plan provides unlimited data, talk, text and hotspot for just $30/month for a single line, taxes and fees included. We also have the new Visible+ plan, which is just $45/month all in, including 5G Ultra Wideband access, 50 GB of premium network experience, roaming coverage in Canada & Mexico, and global calling to 30+ countries.*

I was in a Party with four people, but one left to switch to a new plan. Will my monthly costs increase?

No, if a member of your Party switches over to a new plan, the remaining members will keep their $25 monthly cost.

I’m on Visible Unlimited. If someone leaves my Party, am I still able to add additional members to keep the $25 price?

If someone leaves your Party, another member on the Visible Unlimited plan can still join by searching for it on the Party Pay tab on the Visible site.

What happens to my Party Pay discount when I change to a Visible or Visible+ plan? 

Party Pay is only available on our Visible Unlimited plan. When you switch to the Visible or Visible+ Plans, you will no longer receive a Party Pay discount.

Why isn’t Party Pay available on the Visible or Visible+ plans?

The new plans are designed to offer a simple, flat-rate monthly cost, with no additional action needed by members.

[Help Center] Visible Evolution

[Help Center] Visible 5G

*Actual speeds and performance may vary depending on local conditions, network congestion, or other factors.5G Ultra Wideband available on the Visible+ plan only in select areas and access requires a 5G Ultra Wideband-capable device inside the 5G Ultra Wideband coverage area.On the Visible plan or after 50GB on the Visible+ plan, in times of traffic, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. Mobile hotspot with unlimited data at speeds up to 5 Mbps, limited to one device. For Visible+ plan, global calling includes unlimited calling and messaging to Canada and Mexico when you are in the US. Talk, text and data access when traveling in Mexico and Canada with data speeds reduced to 2G after 0.5 GB/day. International calling included from the US to 30+ countries. Call up to 500 minutes per month at no additional cost. Unlimited texting included from the US to 200+ countries & territories worldwide.


See visible.com for additional details.


Are there any advantages to the $30 plan network over what we have now with the current party pay plans? I know it allows calling and texts to Mexico and Canada but I'm thinking more on network improvements here in the U.S. in coverage terms.

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How about some new swap phones ASAP considering the ones being offered - the ZTEs and the midnight are built for the old core primarily and will not work with things like roaming on the new visible.

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@sccannon  Apparently the new visible is no longer on the experimental core.  So we will get improved latency like verizon postpaid levels as well as domestic roaming for increased coverage.

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It looks like with the introduction of the two new plans, the Party Pay discounts are going away in October 2022.  What ever your Party Pay discount is on October 18 will remain, but will go away if you leave the party or change your plan.

This is a mistake to do away with party pay.  Also after 50 gb of data you slow down customer speeds to what?  You can't say it is unlimited anymore.  It isn't.

I'm also disappointed the hot speed is 5mbps a second so nothing was done with that. at least not that I saw.


@phoneman2021  The 50GB applies to the Visible + plan's premium data. I think It would just slow down to whatever we get now or what the visible plan would run at.

@@@sccannon that is the problem it isn't stated.  What will it slow down to? What is the minimum and max  data speed you will get on the advanced plan?  What is the minimum and max speeds you will get on the base plan?  Again not stated that I saw.

so if you sign up a new line can you still join Party pay until October 18?

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@phoneman2021  - no, all new lines added after the introduction of the new plans will be on the new plan which isn't eligible for Party Pay.


Just read new Visible + plan member saying speeds are no different than before!!!! Anyone have speed tests of both LTE and 5G speeds compaired to original plan speeds?


First did they have a new sim card?  If so this is terrible.  If that is the case than absolutely nothing changed  accept what?  The price.  If this is true who gets screwed over?  The customer!!!!!!!!! 

What concerns me and makes me think these people are telling the truth is no where does it say what the minimum and max speeds will be.  I shouldn't have to ask.  Visible sure put everything else front and center accept this critical info.  I asked 2 days ago for the info other places and still got no answer.  More over when I asked in a chat with CS  they quoted 5 to 12 mbps a second which would seem to imply that nothing changed accept the ping times.  If this is the case there are other companies that absolutely offer a better value for the money.  Example Cricket for the top plan there are no speed caps nor are you limited to 50 gb of Premium DATA

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I've read lots of posts here by people who attempted to upgrade from the Visible Unlimited plan to the new Visible Plus plan, and what they got was total loss of service, with customer service chat unable to help. Has anyone actually been able to upgrade to the Visible Plus plan? 

I'm interested in this as well.  If you successfully upgraded how did you do it?  This would be very help to those that have struggled.


So for those of us on the classic Visible Plan, does the new Visible (non plus) plan offer any difference or change in service? Or will we get the benefits of the "new" network on the old visible plan?

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Where is the administrator of this Visible forum? Clearly there is a serious problem of subscribers being stuck with no service after attempting to upgrade to one of the new Visible plans. Why is there zero communication from Visible on this, not even acknowledgement of the problem?

I agree with Steven. Even if you couldn't get into the technical side of what is wrong to say nothing shows me Visible hasn't learned anything about being transparent with its current or potential customers.  The announcement was posted last week about the new plans.    I'm sure the person that posted the announcement is a visible employee so why have they not responded?  There are several issues here!  Get your act together Visible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just a reminder that the Visible Community is a Peer-to-Peer community and not a way to contact customer service. 

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It's a peer-to-peer community where a Community Manager posts an official announcement of new plans, but nothing in response to numerous problems encountered by subscribers trying to upgrade to those plans. We do not expect one-on-one customer service here, but at least some general communication from Visible about a serious ongoing problem with upgrading to the new plans.

Steven I agree with you completely.  This isn't rocket science.


I just activated a new sim card sent by Visible and reached out to the customer service when I found out that Party Pay is not available. While trying to figure out the possibilty of joining the old plan the agent threw me a paragraph about the new policy and cut off the chat out of the blue. That was rude considering i have other inquiries and they didn't even bother to ask.

Won't consider renewing my plan after my first month.

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Can anyone tell us if Visible $45+ plan is QCI 7 or QCI 8 or QCI 9?

I would be interested in that info as well.

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@eternal345  @phoneman2021 This article indicates Verizon MVNOs are QCI 9. 


That is from 2021 I wonder how accurate that is today? 

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I think Visible is the exception because they charge $45 now and they use premium network access which implies they are QC8


If you go over to the legal terms and conditions section you'll see that they finally posted download and upload speeds as well as latency. They're different for each of the different bands ergo LTE 5G and 5G ultra wide band. I'm not going to list them because there's a lot of different speeds and I don't have multiple devices open in front of me right now. You're free to go have a look though it seems to be actually quite speedy one of them is up to 200 megabits per second

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@DS-VisibleMgr, @Kh-OrnEsh wrote:

"Just a reminder that the Visible Community is a Peer-to-Peer community and not a way to contact customer service

Nobody's asking for a solution here, simply an acknowledgement that widespread problems exist and are being actively pursued and possibly an ETA. SOme of us are here precisely because of poor customer service.

Our peers aren't going to solve this problem and quite frankly there's a lot of misinformation being peddled regarding the upgrade issues both here and elsewhere (e.g. Reddit). That misinformation only harms Visible and increases user frustration. Leverage the announcement section to address both the misinformation and user frustration.

1st, you have to put that reminder above in big bold letters on this community -  I know exactly how peer to peer forums work as well as their real purpose (offloading minor support issues to the community) - newbies won't recognize that purpose thinking they' getting direct support.

2nd, Visible has an opportunity to take advantage of this community to provide information and status when widespread issues exist that would cut down on lengthy chat sessions that are going nowhere. Some of us know major transitions are not always smooth.


As for me, I've simply been trying to get the new SIM ordered and shipped to upgrade to the new Visible plan since Aug 17. I've endured unfruitful chat sessions (both helpful ones, and rude ones, and being unceremoniously dumped of the chat sessions), disappearing orders, no email acknowledgement of order, a loss of service that resulted in de-provisioning and re-provisioning a reorder that has now gone into some invisible limbo. As much as I've enjoyed the Visible service to date, I'm starting to question whether it's worth the aggravation. Still no SIM shipped and that's the easy part!

From experience I can say, the measure of a good product is not what happens when everything goes right - instead it is what happens when everything goes wrong. In my case it's been an utter failure.



I have now chatted with 10 Reps the 9th cut off my service for 5 days then the 10th today was able to fix that during an extremely long chat session (cost Visible a lot of $$$ to do what I should have been able to do without any support).
Started when I bought a Pixel 6a so I could upgrade to Visible + 5G service.  I tried to buy the Pixel 6a from Visible via chat to get a price match of $299 (Google's price).  Chat Rep couldn't price match.  Bought it from Google...loss of revenue!
Then I went to Visible account to change my device via it's new eSim process.  This is when the WORST EXPERIENCE of changing a Mobile phone and service plan BEGAN.
The process didn't work correctly so my first Chat experience began.  Following 8 chats then the 9th and close to 8 hours of my time over 2 days the 9th actually cut my Mobile service off.  I had him mail me a physical Sim card which was sent overnight shipment that took 5 days via Fedex.  Hopefully Visible got reimbursed for that pitiful delivery.  I followed the process and service was not 5G but 4G plus pitiful: calls were cut off, texting didn't work consistently, etc.  Today I chatted with #10 who did guide me through process to remedy the issue with the Sims as I had two Sims showing.  This is my first experience with Android 13 so the Chat Rep was extremely helpful.  However, the Chat Rep today and all previous 9 could not change my service from 4G Unlimited to the new Visible + 5G the REASON I purchased a Pixel 6a!!!!!  Nor can I change it via the App which I have now deleted and reloaded numerous times.  It still doesn't show the options your Chat Reps state exists for this process.  What the Heck?  Visible is a subsidiary of Verizon, one of the largest Communications Corporations in the Metaverse (pun intended), why isn't the Visible website or App the best in the industry?  Instead it is the worst I've ever experienced with any online vendor or Mobile service or Communications company.
Today, I was told I need a Facebook or Twitter account to change my service plan.  Uh, I don't think so and I will NEVER join Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any other Marxist Socialist Communist Fascist Social Media organization.  Nor is it legal to require that for managing my Mobile services!  I will file complaints regarding this with the FCC, FTC and our Attorney General.  All will hear of the mistreatment and mismanagement of my account, inability to get services I choose and the fact my service was cut off for 5-6 days.  
I have now written numerous communications without 1 Fricken response or resolution or solution.  I have spend 8+ days and beyond 10 hours merely trying to update my phone to the Pixel 6a then add Visible + 5G service at advertised $45/month.
I will be happy to send anything Visible requests via email not Facebook or Twitter or any other Social Media I will NEVER JOIN!