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One of our core values as a company is "Connection". At first glance you may be thinking, sure, you're a telecom company and that’s the entire business. However, what it also can mean is looking at all of the things that connect us instead of separate us.

As we close out February which celebrated Black History Month we honor the legacy and the bridges we all work to build in our professional and personal lives. In February we also celebrated Valentine's day which speaks to connection in love and partnership. So as we leave February we also leave the Winter and look forward to the Spring, as many of us are excited to get back out there into the world both literally and figuratively. For many it’s not as simple as that which is why during these times the core value of "Connection" has even more significance.


The things that bring us together can outweigh those things that drive us apart. The world is more interconnected than ever but we sometimes only look at that through the lens of technology. I love all our Visible smartphone gadgets but I also love how small it makes the world and how easy it can make our connections happen. 

Our members know this and have been very active. You all love helping others find answers to their issues so we will begin spotlighting a few of you during these wrap ups and periodically throughout the month.

@Airwolf  recently joined 1/4/2022 and has been active across the community providing helpful answers to other members.

@phoneman2021  joined us 11/23/2022 and has also remained active offering helpful constructive answers to other members and feedback for us at Visible.

Thank you for your contributions. I look forward to you both helping us enhance the experience for all of our members. 




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