• I need my number to show has Cheri but it shows up as Ebony I’m not Ebony I believe this number belonged to her at one time 

sounds like fun I have another question though


The phone Samsung galaxy S10 that is connected to my TMobile account would not work here so I bought a new one from Samsung.  Do I need to put the new phone on TMObile before I can transfer or port my number to use here?  Or since number is on account will it transfer without having to do this?  I will ask TMobile also right now as I get my account number and port or porting number.

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if you coming into or leaving Visible and want to keep your phone number this process is called porting or transferring your number. I want to share my experience in porting in my number into Visible from another MVNO called RedPocket but it might be helpful from others. so then the key to make the transfer is this: I contacted RedPocket customer support and asked them why it was taking so long. they told me that they see the request but it wasn't processed for whatever reason and asked if I wanted to "Manually" approve it. I said yes, and this is how my porting happened. Of course you need to request the ACCOUNT and PIN from RedPocket or whatever carrier you have and provide it during the porting process. 



customer service is non existent. 


I switched from T-mobile to Visible & the process to get my number transferred was pretty quick & easy. BUT after Visible successfully had my original number & I tried to get my phone connected to their network.. well that took a little longer. Maybe this might help you too.

After following every step like removing the old physical SIM card out of my phone, turning airplane mode on & off, restarting my phone, resetting the network (in my settings), etc. I still had the “SOS” on the top of  my screen.. then I realized my new eSim, from Visible, still had the temporary phone number that they had provided me, linked to it. Contact a live agent through chat (on computer/tablet) & have them give you an entirely new eSim linked to the number you had already successfully transferred to them. Once they download & give you a new eSim, they’ll have you do one more step on your account (easier through app), you then restart your phone & now you should be  good to go!