I qualify for government third all discount


I qualify for the government third dollar discount So how does that work with your plan? 


Intermediate III

If you are referring to the Affordable Connectivity Program from the government Visible plans are already heavily discounted and don't believe that program is accepted here. If the base plan at Visible is too expensive at the current rate of $20 a month with the VISIBLE24 promo for 24 months you might want to look into carriers that do offer the ACP and get the free talk, text and data. Some even offer free phones.

Novice III

Visible does not participate in the ACP program but Verizon prepaid does. 


You would need to apply with a different provider. That program is not eligible with Visible. 

The ACP program is going to be discontinued in April and most cell services have stopped taking applications so it’s not going to do anything. The new budget just passed and they phased out the ACP program because it was just supposed to be part of a COVID stimulus package. 

The ACP program is being phased out. It was a COVID program and was only temporary. Congress just passed the budget and ACP wasn’t renewed. Cell services aren’t taking applications anymore. That’s actually why I switched to visible because my AT&T wireless was stopping the program in April and I would’ve had to pay full price then.