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Beware to Verizon customers - don’t come here. It took us 5 days to be fully registered in visibleBeware to all - customer service is the worst. I chatted and spoke with at least 12 employees to resolve issues and I would only hire one. Beware to all...

Add APN to Visible Midnight

I have two Visible Midnight phones that are unlocked and am trying to use TextNow sims on t-mobile). The default APNs for T-mobile are not working and one of them needs a few changes or a new one added in. I do not see a way to add a new APN … no new...

Visible playing games with port out number

I have had several lines on Visible that I have tried to port out. Each of them have had the same issue. I go into my account and try to port out the number. It says it is sending the port out number to my SMS and email.I do not receive any of these....

Great start to the year so far!

I've been looking to switch to Visible for some time now and I finally did it. I was on a different carrier for over 10 years, but the struggle to get good network speeds or good signal in my house was a joke. I was paying over $100/month for the top...

MkIV03 by Novice
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