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Caller id

I just signed up for Visible. When I called my land line, it showed someone else's name in the caller id and not mine. How to I change it to my name? Judy

35FOR6 promotion at sign-up

Began the process yesterday to establish a Visible account. Selected both 35FOR6 promotion and Friend Referral. Unable to complete process, because I needed a "port-out" PIN from my current provider. Got that information today and returned to Visible...

R11j25 by Novice
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Awful customer service

I have been trying for the last 90 minutes talking to two incompetent agents to input my correct address for shipping and the ridiculous website keeps trying to force me to select an incorrect address.. this was just trying to buy a phone maybe it is...

New service

I'll visit my parents in a week and would like to start them on this service with an existing phone. Can I have SIM sent so I can activate when I'm there?

jkayblc by Novice
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Network switch appeal

Does visible offer any type of network switch incentives? I have 4 months left in my previous carrier and fees are due upon cancelation. I want to know if visible pays for any fees and phone outlier fees.