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New Visible+ user. Coming from 2 years on Mint.

I loved the price on Mint Mobile on the T-Mobile network, but I struggled with bad calling areas the whole 2 years. Once they get you onboard with the pay for six months and get six months free, it's hard to look at paying more for service, even if t...

tcl 30 is garbage and giving visible a black eye

anyone else feel ripped of?!?! the tcl 30 is garbage not worth anything! its only capable of causing problems. visible must be losing costomers constantlly . i swapped phones and ths garbge was the only device left that wasnt out of stock. how shady ...

Hi all

Hi all, I'm new here, my name is Alden, very happy to be part of such a big family. Have a good day and a great mood!