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I'd like to see more account control turned over to the customer that would also provide more security. Possibly use an authenticator app for account changes or anything falling under a privacy and security umbrella. 


Other than that, I am absolutely happy with my service.  I've been trying to refer some friends but they've never heard of visible.  


You provide excellent coverage, under an awesome network for an unbelievable price. But the general masses don't know you exist. I think a small marketing push in rural areas would land you a sizeable market share. In these rural areas there is very little network congestion, and people don't care about a store front. You're company should be the "mint" of mvno. A few outside the box ideas and you'll be crushing Van Wilder and his inferior mobile plan. You can reach out to Me directly, I have a background in marketing and development and I'd love to be a part of your team. Visible can be the future of mobile networking. 

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Seriously, MFA is a minimum requirement for security on mobile data providers. SIM swapping is a real threat. Please at least give us an option to enable MFA. There are plenty of drop-in services that offer MFA account authentication.